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Ekoran bencana tsunami maka semua majlis-majlis keramaian (baca: konsert) menjelang tahun baru dibatalkan dan diganti dengan majlis doa selamat dan solat hajat

Di putrajaya misalnya akan mengadakan majlis solat hajat yang akan dihadiri oleh Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Fikir-fikir balik, bagus juga tsunami ni, memberi peringatan pada yang lupa, bahawa Allah itu Maha berkuasa.

Cuma bayangkan dengan adanya tsunami, maka ada nya majlis doa selamat dan majlis solat hajat menggantikan majlis-majlis keramaian (mengikut kata Pak Lah), dan dengan adanya tsunami maka adanya Dato Seri Najib di Masjid Putrajaya

Tapi cuba bayangkan kalau tiadanya tsunami, maka tiadalah majlis doa selamat dan yang ada adalah majlis keramaian (baca: konsert), dan dengan tiadanya tsunami, tiadalah Dato' Seri Najib di Masjid Putrajaya, dan dengan tiadanya tsunami, adanya Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak merasmikan majlis-majlis keramaian (baca:konsert)

apa huda nak sampaikan nih (huh?)

Harapnya tiadalah berlaku begini:

tahun 2004

Konsert perayaan menyambut tahun baru 2004 meriah dengan dihadiri oleh ratusan ribu rakyat Malaysia dan artis-artis ternama jemputan. Konsert itu diserikan lagi dengan kehadiran Perdana Menteri Malaysia dan timbalan Perdana Menteri yang sekaligus merasmikan konsert tersebut

tahun 2005

Majlis solat hajat dan doa selamat menyambut tahun 2005 ini sederhana yang dihadiri cuma ratusan rakyat Malaysia dan tanpa dihadiri artis-artis ternama. Majlis itu diserikan lagi dengan kehadiran Perdana Menteri Malaysia dan Timbalan perdana menteri.



Kerajaan menghulurkan bantuan rm 5000 kepada mangsa tsunami yang kehilangan rumah akibat bencana tersebut.

Kerajaan menghulurkan bantuan rm 500,000 kepada bekas Menteri Besar Selangor mengubahsuai rumahnya, dan membayar bil penginapan menteri besar itu sekeluarga di salah sebuah hotel di ibu negara yang kosnya berjumlah rm70 ribu lebih.

Ustaz Soid mengupah orang untuk menambah tandas di rumahnya untuk keselesaan keluarga yang kos keseluruhannya lebih kurang rm5000.

rm5000= kos buat tandas (alias jamban)


Malaysia Tsunami Wave: I will never underestimate GOD again

Bismillahi bada'tu kalaami.
By Your Name and Your Will, I begin this writing with.

My heart says : Isn't Malaysia a safe place?It is supposed to be free from earthquake!

The tsunami wave was really unexpected in Malaysia, as geographically, our land is not located in the `PacificEarthquake Circle'..(I'm not sure about this term, I'm not reallygood in geography subject, I blamed my eyes for that, I used to doze off during this class) Geographically, the earthquake circle are outside the boundary lines of Malaysia..Though it hits Indonesia our neighbour for some times, but, geographically we are safe!! This is such a shock, a great shock for everyone here.. Yes! The geologists and weather people have expected the tsunami wave to strike Andaman Sea near Sumatera, and will somehow give least effect to our coasts, but, we never expected that the earthquake, the undersea earth movement would reach malaysia's earth too.. we could feel the quakes! This is the first experience of all Malaysian and of course it drove us all panic!!

That earthquake had changed the world map too! It's what I heardin news yesterday. Some islands in Indonesia has drifted about 20m away the original location caused by the earth movement of the earthquake. Asia map just changed!! Isn't that such a historical event? Oh GOD, indeed, ALLAH could do anything HE wants in any second!

This for me seems to be like a small Qiyyamah Day.

But my heart says : Isn't Malaysia a safe place? It is supposedto be free from earthquake!

The latest news for now, is that the death tolls are expected to be 100,000 worldwide in the 8 countries affected. The ritcher scale was recorded over than 9-reading

The gigantic wave from Andaman Sea, somehow reached our coast! Yes! Malaysia is one of the least affected area among the 8 countries, yet, so many killed, and billions of $$$ lost. The gigantic wave swept away everything in second, the picnickers who were having fun lost their children, their loved ones, their belongings..and everything.. The poor villagers of fishermen villages lost their homes and the first school day of 2005 is on the corner. How are the school children there, then? How sad their situation is! And it was just 1-2 hours from my place.. Ya ALLAH, how thankful we are for it didn't reach us..but, what about them, the people there? Ournearest neighbour, Indonesia, Thailand and all!!! Help them, dear GOD..

And I as a Malaysian, can no more be proud of the fact that Malaysia is safe from earthquake..though we have no earthquake but that small impact had done a great damage to us..hundred life in our coasts lost! Furthermore the earth plate of some places in Malaysia were shaken! It means we do have earthquake finally..

But, again my heart said : Isnt Malaysia a safe place? it is supposed to be free from earthquake!

They aired the tragedy on tv, some pictures and video recorded showed exactly how it happened, starting from a mild but speedy wave, which swept away everything in less than 1 minute time. The people there was panic as they didn't expect the wave to`treat' them that way! At first, they were looking interested seeing the speedy wave, flooding to the seashore. It really caught their attention!!..Little that they realise that `interesting looking wave' is a `giant-killer' that would about to changetheir life in second!

Again, my heart said : Isnt Malaysia a safe place? it is supposed to be free from earthquake!

And what they realised at the next minute was- children lost grip from the mothers and fathers hands. Parents watched in horror how the wave `grabbed their kids away' and `dragged' theminto the sea'. The kids cried for help helplessly , tossing their body in the agony of being drowned and….. then…they perished in the water..And…… what the people there got back in return were the stillbody of their loved ones, `rescued' by the rescue teams. The only `remnants', which the wave-killer gushed back.. Theywere supposedly to have fun at beach on that weekend!! But….everything gone in minute! That fun weekend by the sea shore turned to be a tragedy, not only for the victims, but for a whole Malaysian! Ya ALLAH, please grant us all with patience, especially the victims..

Watching the news, I just cant believe my eyes,! Is this kinda natural catastrophe really happened in Malaysia?? And some of the places are just less than 1 hour from my house! I thank ALLAH, for none of us gone for picnic or by seaside. or even by riverside, as some people at nearby village was killed by the gigantic wave at the river!!

"We never handled so many bodies in a day.." this was one ofthe remarks of the workers in mortuary of the general hospital here.

Again, my heart said : Isnt Malaysia a safe place? it supposed to be free from earthquake!

I used to watch news on tv, read the news about earthquake in Turkey, Iran and other places of another side of globe far from my own place, and deeply inside I said to myself "oh..worry not, its thousand miles away from you, it didn't occur here and wonthappen here, so, just relax..malaysia is war-free and earthquake-free"

But, now… I realised something "Kun..fa ya kun.." in surah Yaseen, ALLAH had said that! If HE says `be it', then it will happen! Forgive me oh GOD, for underestimating YOU..

Though this natural wrath happened by the Will and Approval of the Creator, but, people should NOT blame ALLAH on that. As, Allah has reason for this. This is indeed a warning for us all, especially for the people with this mentality of `my place is supposed to be a safe place an earthquake-free!' or `PROUD to be born in peaceful and safeplace' mentality. Indeed, we are all under the protection of The Creator!

ALLAH is the Greatest. HE can change any existing fact by HIS will! HE is Unpredictable too! So, never ever under estimate HIM anymore!! Just Imagine, to do such kind of destruction, some super-powers needs trillion dollars to kill thousand life and to explode buildings and infrastructures, to destroy cities, they need to invent the latest high-tech war-jet, bombs, nuclear weapon or what the call as WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction), thousands troops sent to conquer a nation. BUT, Our LORD needs no cent to do such great damage and such this destruction to `conquer' us down! All HEdoes is by sweeping us with a splash of water, and thousands life claimed, billion dollars gone! Anyone dares to challenge HIM ??

Suddenly, I remember something. And yesterday, I then had a peep in my bookshelf, `tracking down' something…..

And… my hand, I hold a copy of `Perished Nation',written by Harun Yahya. ( There, on the first page was my signature, and written there the date I bought the book, its 18 June 2003. Yesterday, its 29 December 2004, 3 days after the tragedy, and almost 18 months after the day I bought the book, I then finally STARTED to read this book..This indeed a wake up call for me, oh GOD..

And the first quote that caught my eyes in this book is this ayatul Quran :"Hatch not the story reached them of those before them?- thePeople of Nuh, and `Ad, and Thamud, the People of Ibrahim, the men of Madyan, and the cities overthrown. To them came their messengers with clear signs. It is not ALLAH who wronged them, but they wrong their own souls" (surat at-Tawba:70)

We, the believers are the people of wisdom will always reflect for the wisdoms behind things..Let us reflect!Ya Allah…I could laugh no more in this mourning period..Lots ofthem are my fellow brothers and sisters all around the world..the muslims..Dear God..please forgive us all, and hold us in Your Hands, gently, with Your Mercy…And let us pray for all of the victims of this wave-killer, and for all of muslim ummah.Should there any mistakes and error on some facts and information, I humbly admit that its my mistake, as this piece of writing is only my personal view, a reminder for me and you. Forgive me for the grammatical errors and any typo.

-Amantu billahi warasulih-
regardsSister misszircon of Malaysia


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