Monday, July 14, 2003


State of mind - celaru, tension, pening-pening lalat (Ya Allah permudahkan urusan)
State of life - miserable...too miserable
State of face - blur, muka tensen (kalau saya tak senyum bila jalan, maafkan saya )

Ratio behind this
+ test Quranic Ayat this nite, too many things that i haven't revise yet, full class today
+ Submit assignment method of dakwah tomorrow( only doing 2 pages out of 20 pages of the assignment, in arabic, personally i'm too slow typing the arabic alphabet)
+ Test Malaysian LEgal History 2 also tomorrow....( i even heven't touch the book yet)
+ Allah....yusahhil insyaAllah, may all the ideas come flow tonite and tomorrow hopefully....
+ Me myself admit that i'm such a lazy student, but my life never miserable like this...fuhhh)


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