Friday, April 02, 2004


Addunnia bustan, tazayyanat bighamsatin : bi 'adli umarak, bi ilmi ulamak,wa amanati tujjar.....

terjemahan : dunia ini adalah kebun, dan cantiknya ia, kerana 5 perkara, pemimpin yang adil, ilmu-ilmu ulama', peniaga-peniaga yang amanah (sekadar menyebut 3 sahaja)

Ada juga hadith nabi yang maksudnya, ada dua golongan, jika baik golongan ini, maka baiklah masyarakat jika buruk golongan ini maka buruklah masyarakat iaitu umarak dan ulamak

renung-renungkanlah, adakah malaysia punya kriteria sebuah 'taman' yang disebutkan dalam hadith di atas?

wallahu 'alam


Saya turunkan di sini, seperti yang telah dijanjikan dalam posting saya yang lepas

sumber : pamplet commemorative programme for Al-Shahid Al-Sheikh Ahmad Yassin


A political reader, one of the founders of Hamas and its spiritual figure, Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Yassin was born in the village of Al-Jora, Majdal district in 1938 and sought refuge alongside his family in the nearby Ghaza Strip following the 1948 Nakba or the usurpation of most of Palestine at the hands of Zionist gangs.

The Sheikh was paralyzed in his youth as a result of an accident while exercising on the beaches of Ghaza.

He worked as a teacher of Arabic language and Islamic religion then as a khatib and teacher in the Gaza Mosque. He turned into one of the most vociferous and most famous khatibs in Gaza strip following its occupation in 1967.

He established the Islamic Complex in Gaza i 1975 and served as its chairman until his arrest in 1983. He was released in 1985 in line with a prisoners' exchange deal between the Zionist authorities and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine after spending 11 months in prison.

The sheikh established the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in Gaza Strip in 1987 with a number of other Islamic activists.

Zionist occupation forces broke into and rummaged through his house in late August 1988 and threatened to push him along with his wheelchair across the borders into Lebanon. On the evening of 18/5/1989 the occupation authorities arrested Sheikh Ahmed Yassin along with hundreds of Hamas activists in a desperate attempt to curb the armed resistance that started to take the form of attacks on settlers and soldiers.

On 16/10/1991 a Zionist army court passed a life sentence in addition to 15 years imprisonment sentence against Sheikh Ahmed Yassin after an indictment list leveled nine charges against him including inciting the kidnap and killing of zionist soldiers and the establishment of the Hamas Movement's security and military wings.

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin other than his complete paralysis, suffered a number of other disabilities and diseases including loss of eyesight in his right eye due to zionist blows during interrogation in addition to weakness in his left eye. He suffered from chronic inflammation in his ear, lung infection and other diseases in his abdomen. The detention of the Sheikh in zionist jails further worsened his health conditions, which necessitated carrying him to hospital on numerous occasion.

On 13/12/92, a commando cell affiliated with the Qasam Brigades, military wing of Hamas, kidnapped a zionist soldier and offered to set him free in return for the release of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and a number of other detaineesin zionist jails including sick and elderly and Arab captives. However, the zionist government refused the offer and stormed the house where the soldier was held leading to his death along with the commander of the attacking unit and two other soldiers before the martyrdom of the three members of that cell in Bir Nabala near occupied Jurusalem.

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was released on 1/10/97 in accordance with an agreement between Jordan and the zionist entity that stipulated the release of the sheikh in return for delivering to Tel Aviv two zionist intelligence agents, who were arrested in Jordan following the bungled assassination attempt in Amman on khalid Mish'ah, chairman of hamas political bureau.

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin survived a zionist assassination attempt on the 6th September2003 when zionist army choppers fired missiles at a house in Gaza. He was only lightly injured in his right arm. However the israeli zionist committed a heinous crime and Yassin was assassinated when an israeli helicopter gunship fired three missiles at the wheelchair-bound cleric, killing him instantly. He was martyred after performing the dawn prayers on Monday 22/3/2004 in Gaza city. All the world condemned the assassination of Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin as an act of violence that cannot be justified in any state of law.

Sheikh Ahmad Yassin thus won martyrdom that he longed for. May Allah have mercy on martyr Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and his brothers and accept him in paradise.


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